Mamuang Nampla Wan – A Really Thai Delicacy

ma muang nampla wan“Mamuang” is the Thai word for mango. “Nampla wan” is literally “sweet fish sauce”. The dish “mamuang nampla wan” or mango with sweet fish sauce is probably one of the most favorite Thai delicacies among Thais.

Nampla wan may be prepared in different styles but the main ingredients of fish sauce (nampla), shrimp paste (kapi) and sugar are pretty much standard. Very likely dried shrimp, red onions, fresh or fried, and some chili are added. White sugar may be substituted with palm sugar or sugar syrup.

Nampla wan is then served with sour, green, crispy mango sliced into small thin pieces. This makes up this dish of “mamuang nampla wan”. Dip mango slices into the sauce, eat and enjoy the three main tastes of sweet, sour and salty make a delicate fight in your mouth. Many Thais, especially female, will be salivating only to hear someone mentions “mamuang nampla wan”. It is usually enjoyed as a kind of snack among friends.

You are not likely to find this dish in any Thai restaurant outside Thailand. So, on your next trip to Thailand, don’t forget to try it out. It will be a pretty strong and memorable experience.

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