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Thailand Property Booming Again

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Nov 19th, 2006

8 years after the Asia financial crisis and just 2 years after the Asian Tsunami, Thailand property or real estate is booming again. Thanks to the financial crisis, the Thai government has relaxed rules and regulations for foreigners to acquire property in Thailand. The recent coup seems to have very minimal impact on the Thai real estate market condition.

Condominiums are selling fast, especially those in top locations. Sukhumvit Road is always popular. Phuket property is still popular, despite the Tsunami. Prices are high, but that’s what you pay for your lifestyle in paradise! Pattaya, Hua Hin, Chiang Mai, Samui, Phangan and Chang islands are all growing rapidly with some fantastic bargains available if you snap them up now!

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  1. Shizuko Tremblay Says:

    Sawadee Kha! I’m about to go to Pattaya and I’m very excited about my holiday. Already booked the flight to Pattaya and from there we’ll go explore around Samui and of course stay a couple of nights in Pattaya, I found your nice site on Yahoo and it seems that you know a lot about Thailand. Would you please give me some advice where to stay in Pattaya City? I’ve heard there are some good hotels in the main town and in the north… Thank you in advance!

  2. General Information on Phuket Says:

    How much does it cost to drive from KL to Phuket, Thailand? A group of us are planning to have a holiday in phuket island at the end of the year (round 29 december). We are considering our options of getting there. Right now, we are wondering how much would it cost for us to drive using our own vehicles from Kuala Lumpur to Phuket? Thank you!!!

  3. Bangkok Condo Says:

    Hello, Interesting post

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