Thai massage – something not to be missed

The art of massage is believed to have been practiced in Thailand since as long ago as 200 BC when it was introduced from India. Due to its long history, Thai massage is referred to as “nuad paen boran” or Thai ancient massage. The traditional Thai massage is sometime known as Thai bodywork, passive yoga, or assisted yoga.

A Thai massage is a surprisingly physical experience because of its emphasis on stretching and loosening the body. It is designed to help energy flow more freely through the body. A good massage should therefore leave you rejuvenated, full of beans and ready for the next day’s activities.

If you can’t face the rigors of a full Thai massage but still want to pamper yourself after a day’s trekking, perhaps a foot massage is the answer. Reflexology, is a great way to treat the body as a whole. It is believed that by manipulating different parts of the foot you can cause a reflex action in another part of the body. Not only is a foot massage a great way to relieve sore foot after a day’s sightseeing, it can also treat ailments as diverse as aches and insomnia. Foot massage is offered at hotels, spas or event airports in Thailand

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