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Thai Dishes Are Meant to be Shared

Posted under Thai Food - Dec 17th, 06 - 1 Comment

A proper Thai meal should consist of rice or “kao” and some thing to eat with rice or “kab kao”. Each diner is served with an individual plate of rice while everything else is served in the middle of the table for sharing among diners. Normally rice arrives at the table first followed by non-rice […]

What is the Best Relief When Your Tongue Gets Burnt by Spicy Thai Food?

Posted under Thai Food - Nov 29th, 06 - 4 Comments

You would think just drink something cold like chilled water. That is exactly what most people do when their eyes are watering with a fire in their mouth. The result is the opposite. Seconds after sipping the chilled drinks, the fire starts right back in. Then more water gulped down but the heat never goes […]